Friday, 19 July 2013

British Champs Rider Bio - Ellie Park

We've a different sort of rider profile here.. At the start of the week we had it all set to be your standard rider bio, same as all the others. Then there was a high speed track race. A crash in front with no where to go but over the top. A clever tuck and roll saved the collar bone, but unfortunately her arm wasn't quite so lucky. 

So, here's a spectator profile of young Ellie Park, who will be cheering all her friends, and anyone else on the course for that matter!, with all the enthusiasm that she would put into her own racing.

Name: Ellie Park

Nickname: The one armed cheering bandit (for the next few weeks at least!)

Race Category: Juvenille

Club/Team: Glasgow Riderz

First race: Forfar SXC this year

Best result of 2013: 1st place at the SXC race at Cathkin Braes in only her 3rd ever MTB race

Favourite course: Usually road or track is where you'll find Ellie, tho she lives local to the Cathkin Braes course so had no doubt been sneaky training!

She'll be there cheering for you all over the weekend, so make sure you get along and join her in supporting the racers. And if you see Ellie (you'll recognise the one with her arm in a sling!) make sure you tell her to get well soon!

GET WELL SOON ELLIE from all here at SXC!

Top spot at Cathkin SXC

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