Thursday, 18 July 2013

British Champs Rider Bio - Ella Conolly

Ella is another member of our Northern contingent, part of Ben Wyvis CC, and like the rest of the northerners, often with many miles to travel simply to get to races. Ella doesn't let this stand in her way and is a cracking wee racer in the Youth category. She'll be riding at 9.30am at Cathkin on Sunday wearing the black kit of Ben Wyvis CC. Give her a massive cheer as she goes past and show her how we support our riders up her in Scotland!


Name: Ella Conolly

Race category: Youth

Club: Ben Wyvis cycling club

Bike: Boardman team

Aim: top 5 and no pinch flats! 

Best result of 2013: 2nd at Abriachan SXC 

Favourite Scottish mtb trail: Balblair 

Where/when you started racing: 2011 SXC Comrie Croft

Little know fact about yourself: I'm very competitive 

Best thing about being a MTB'er: going downhill...FAST!

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