Friday, 9 August 2013

Scottish Championships Rules & Regulations

Below is listed some very important information regarding the final round of the 2013 SXC Series at Kirroughtree on the 1st of September, which incorporates the Scottish XC Championships. For new and old competitors alike, it's worth having a wee read and making sure that you are totally clear with how the event works and the specifics of the rules.

1. It is timed and staged as a usual SXC race would be. All categories will start at their usual times and there will be no segregation on the start line for 'champs entrants' and 'non-champs entrants'. EVERYONE who races will be given a SXC placing, both individually for Kirroughtree as an event in it's own right, for their series position and for the team scores, as would be the usual situation.

2. Scottish Championships eligibility. The following is an excerpt from the Scottish Cycling rules regarding the Championships;

"18.1.2 All SCU Championships shall be open
to: -
(a) SCU/BCF members (members of clubs affiliated to the SCU)
(b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland)
(c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the last five years)
(d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.

Persons in sections (b), (c) and (d) must be members of the UCI recognised Cycling Federation of their country of residence.

18.1.3 Competitors in all Scottish Cycling
Championships other than Time Trials and
Team Time Trials are required to have a
full BC/SC or UCI racing licence."

In short, you must have a FULL British Cycling race licence (thus requiring the Silver or Gold level of membership). From the (a)-(d) section, at least one of these criteria MUST apply to you, and you MUST have a race licence as stated in section 18.1.3

3. Your race licence (if you are competing in the Championships) WILL be checked at sign-on. If you are unable to bring it, please try and remedy this before the Champs, and failing that, contact us on the usual email address ( so that we are aware of the situation.

4. Regular series/Championships placings will be carried out on two podiums, though sometimes we don't need to do totally separate ones if the top-3 all have licences and are Championship eligible. So, for arguments sake, say that the Masters category result is as follows;
1. Robert Robertson (BC licence no. 123456)
2. Jimmy Jimmerson (no race licence)
3. Donald MacDonald (BC licence no. 123457)
That will be the SXC series event result for Kirroughtree. Those three riders will also receive the usual series points awarded to their positions. However, for the Scottish Championships, poor old Jimmy is not eligible, so we look to 4th place. Your Scottish Championship result would therefore be;
1. Robert Robertson (BC licence no. 123456)
2. Donald MacDonald (BC licence no. 123457)
3. Magnus Magnuson (BC licence no. 123458)

5. If you wish to be eligible for the Championship race, you MUST race in the category shown on your British Cycling race licence. 

6. You must have a great time on the fantastic Kirroughtree course and cross the finish line with a smile on your face ;)

Hopefully this has cleared up some of the questions, and you all know what you need to do to be ready for the Championships. We will have copies of this at sign-on so you need not worry about confusion on race day. We're looking forward to the event and can't wait to see you all down there super fit after a summer of training!

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