Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Looking Forward to 2014 - Post-meeting post

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to attend the meeting at the Velodrome, Looking Forward to 2014, last night. 24 people came along, some travelling for over two hours to get there. And, to those of you who couldn't make it, thank you for being part of the live on-line discussion, but also for taking the time throughout the season to leave us feedback after races - it was all printed out and brought along, so your opinion is most definitely being listened to.

We had a really positive discussion, there was, for the most part, total agreement of what we, as the SXC, and you, as racers and spectators, want from the SXC series races.

Going forward, I am certain that 2014 will be the best SXC yet, we can only build on the successes of this year, and acting in accordance with feedback, work to create a series which meets the needs of all it's stakeholders.

There weren't really any decisions to feedback to you all, it was more about a healthy discussion and pulling on all the different types of people at the meeting to really know what we want and need for 2014.

We all decided that the courses had been good this year, with excellent variety. It is important that courses are technical enough to challenge riders and encourage progression, but that they have B lines to allow for inclusion of all. The venue and parking were both highlighted as being important, tho we did all concede that parking, due to the nature of the sport, is never going to be the easiest (unless we can hire a bulldozer and a whole lot of hardrock!). We also want to improve the 'experience' of racing - not just 1.5hours on the bike, but about the whole day, and even the promotion in the weeks leading up.

So, as you can see, lots of good discussion, and lots to be thought about and done for 2014.

Thank you again to all the attendees, Scottish Cycling for the use of the Velodrome meeting room, and to Bill Ross (our Chairman) for Chairing the meeting.

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