Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jamie Johnston - Abriachan Interview

He's the fastest thing on two wheels and is following in his brother, Harry's footsteps to become one of Scotland's top young cyclists.

We caught up with Jamie following another fantastic race at Round 2 at Abriachan. He's a cracking young lad, with a really bright cycling future ahead of him. He's only ten years old so you might even be able to get his autograph for cheap now - in a couple of yours we won't be able to afford it!

Read what he had to say...

"I race for Thomson's Cycles, they are a really good team to ride for because they look after me well. My bike is a Specialized Rockhopper SL, it’s black and is really good, though I would like a new one from Thomsons soon! (ed – you listening to this Thomsons?!)

I race in the Under 12 category and I’m only 10 so I am one of the youngest in my category. I won the race today at Abriachan, it was a tough race but I really enjoyed it. There was tough competition from Rory McGuire, Calum Johnstone and Kier Robb. I managed to win the last round at Forfar too as well as every round of the series last year. I want to try to win all the races this year too.

My Dad is really proud of how I am doing on the bike and he looks after me well on race days to help me do well when I am racing and gives me tips to go faster.

It’s good to have a big brother who races too (Jamie’s big brother Harry races in the Youth category) we are competitive together. He helps me go faster by pushing me along when we are training, Harry is the most competitive and he races me up the climbs. I think he is worried that I will soon be faster than him!

The next bike thing I am saving up for is a Turbo Trainer that I will buy from my team shop, Thomsons Cycles."

Thanks for taking the time out of a busy race day to speak to us, Jamie, and good luck with the rest of the season. Keep doing your sponsons at Thomsons proud!

Pictures thanks to Mark Forrest.

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